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Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines for eCommerce Store

Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines

Boost your Valentine’s Day sales for your eCommerce store. One powerful way to get your customers’ attention and entice them to click through to your email is with an irresistible subject line. But coming up with the perfect subject line can be a challenge. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we have curated a list of Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines for eCommerce Stores that will help you stand out in your customers’ inboxes this Valentine’s Day. From catchy and playful to romantic and heartfelt, there’s a subject line for every type of product or promotion you have planned.

Using compelling subject lines can make a huge difference in your email open and click-through rates, ultimately leading to more sales and revenue for your business.

26 High score email open rate Valentine’s Day email subject lines

Here are 26 subject line ideas that are sure to catch your subscribers’ attention:

  1. “Fall in Love with our Valentine’s Day Collection”
  2. “Spice up Your Valentine’s Day with Our Special Offers”
  3. “Unlock Your Love: Exclusive Valentine’s Day Deals Inside”
  4. “Give the Gift of Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”
  5. “Love is in the Air: Shop Our Valentine’s Day Collection”
  6. “Last Chance: Order Now for Valentine’s Day Delivery”
  7. “Get Ready to Woo: Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas”
  8. “The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Awaits You”
  9. “Surprise Your Loved One with a Valentine’s Day Experience”
  10. “Fall Head Over Heels: Our Valentine’s Day Specials”
  11. “Celebrate Love: Shop Our Valentine’s Day Sale”
  12. “Valentine’s Day Delivered: Get Your Gifts on Time”
  13. “Love Yourself: Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day”
  14. “Make Hearts Flutter: Our Valentine’s Day Collection is Here”
  15. “Spread the Love: Share Our Valentine’s Day Deals”
  16. “For the Hopeless Romantic: Valentine’s Day Inspiration Inside”
  17. “Be a Valentine’s Day Hero: Get the Perfect Gift”
  18. “Love Knows No Boundaries: Shop Our Valentine’s Day Range”
  19. “Find Your Perfect Match: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas”
  20. “Love is a Battlefield: Our Valentine’s Day Sale Starts Now”
  21. “Tick Tock: Time is Running Out for Valentine’s Day Delivery”
  22. “Feel the Love: Valentine’s Day Experiences You’ll Cherish”
  23. “Romantic Gestures: Make Valentine’s Day Memorable”
  24. “Love is Sweet: Our Valentine’s Day Treats Await You”
  25. “Love in Full Bloom: Our Valentine’s Day Florals”
  26. “Say it with Love: Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts”

Remember to incorporate your brand voice, be it friendly, professional, or quirky. A well-crafted subject line can entice your subscribers to open your email and discover your offer.

10 Subject Lines for offering personalized gift suggestions

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, personalized gifts are always a hit. Help your customers find the perfect gift with these subject lines that offer personalized gift suggestions:

  1. “Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for [Name]!”
  2. “Make Their Heart Flutter with a Personalized Gift!”
  3. “Discover a Gift as Unique as Your Love!”
  4. “Personalized Gifts That Will Leave Them Speechless!”
  5. “Surprise [Name] with a Gift Made Just for Them!”
  6. “Unleash the Romance with Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts!”
  7. “Gifts That Show You Know Them Best!”
  8. “Create Memories with Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts!”
  9. “Give a Gift That Will Be Cherished Forever!”
  10. “Find the Perfect Personalized Gift for Your Valentine!”

When crafting these subject lines, consider using personalization tokens to make them even more compelling. Insert the recipient’s name or mention their relationship with the sender to create a sense of intimacy and connection.

10 General Valentine’s Day subject lines

Looking for subject lines that appeal to a broader audience? These general Valentine’s Day subject lines will do the trick:

  1. “Spread the Love This Valentine’s Day!”
  2. “Love is in the Air – Shop Our Valentine’s Day Collection!”
  3. “Fall in Love with Our Valentine’s Day Deals!”
  4. “Valentine’s Day Gifts That Say ‘I Love You’!”
  5. “Celebrate Love with Our Valentine’s Day Specials!”
  6. “Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special This Year!”
  7. “Find Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Here!”
  8. “Valentine’s Day Made Easy – Shop Now!”
  9. “Show Your Love with a Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift!”
  10. “Don’t Miss Out on Our Valentine’s Day Savings!”

These subject lines are designed to create a sense of excitement and urgency. Encourage your customers to shop now and take advantage of your Valentine’s Day offers before it’s too late.

10 Fashion & Apparel Valentine’s Day subject lines

If your eCommerce store specializes in fashion and apparel, these subject lines will help you capture the attention of fashion-forward customers:

  1. “Dress to Impress this Valentine’s Day!”
  2. “Get Ready for a Stylish Valentine’s Day!”
  3. “Find the Perfect Outfit for Your Valentine’s Day Date!”
  4. “Shop Our Valentine’s Day Collection for Fashion Inspiration!”
  5. “Fall in Love with Our Valentine’s Day Fashion Picks!”
  6. “Upgrade Your Wardrobe for Valentine’s Day!”
  7. “Get Valentine’s Day Ready with Our Trendy Styles!”
  8. “Turn Heads on Valentine’s Day with Our Fashionable Pieces!”
  9. “Discover the Latest Valentine’s Day Fashion Trends!”
  10. “Be the Best-Dressed Valentine with Our Fashionable Finds!”

These subject lines highlight the allure of your fashion and apparel products, enticing customers to explore your Valentine’s Day collection and find the perfect outfit for their special day.

10 Beauty & Personal Care Valentine’s Day subject lines

Beauty and personal care products make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts. Use these subject lines to promote your beauty and personal care products:

  1. “Pamper Yourself or Your Valentine with Our Beauty Essentials!”
  2. “Get Glowing for Valentine’s Day with Our Skincare Must-Haves!”
  3. “Indulge in Self-Care this Valentine’s Day!”
  4. “Love Your Skin with Our Valentine’s Day Beauty Picks!”
  5. “Feel Beautiful Inside and Out this Valentine’s Day!”
  6. “Spoil Your Loved One with Luxurious Beauty Treats!”
  7. “Treat Yourself or Your Valentine to Our Valentine’s Day Beauty Collection!”
  8. “Enhance Your Natural Beauty this Valentine’s Day!”
  9. “Discover the Perfect Beauty Gift for Your Valentine!”
  10. “Radiate Beauty and Confidence on Valentine’s Day!”

These subject lines emphasize the importance of self-care and feeling beautiful on Valentine’s Day. Highlight the benefits of your beauty and personal care products to entice customers to purchase.

10 Subject Line ideas for promoting Valentine’s Day discounts and offers

Everyone loves a good deal, especially on Valentine’s Day. Capture your customers’ attention with these subject lines promoting discounts and offers:

  1. “Save Big on Valentine’s Day Gifts!”
  2. “Don’t Miss Out on Our Valentine’s Day Sale!”
  3. “Valentine’s Day Deals You Can’t Resist!”
  4. “Get More Love for Less with Our Valentine’s Day Discounts!”
  5. “Celebrate Love and Savings this Valentine’s Day!”
  6. “Unlock Exclusive Valentine’s Day Offers!”
  7. “Shop Smart with Our Valentine’s Day Specials!”
  8. “Fall in Love with Our Discounted Valentine’s Day Collection!”
  9. “Score Big Savings on Valentine’s Day Gifts!”
  10. “Valentine’s Day Deals to Melt Your Heart!”

These subject lines create a sense of urgency and highlight the savings customers can enjoy by shopping with you. Make sure to include specific details about the discounts and offers in your email content.


In conclusion, crafting compelling email subject lines is crucial for boosting your Valentine’s Day sales. Whether you’re offering personalized gift suggestions, general Valentine’s Day promotions, or specific product categories like fashion, beauty, or discounts, a captivating subject line can make all the difference in capturing your customer’s attention and driving them to your e-commerce store.

With these 75 Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines for the eCommerce Store at your disposal, you’re well-equipped to make this Valentine’s Day a success for your eCommerce store. So go ahead, get creative, and watch your Valentine’s Day sales soar! Best luck!

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