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Set up the Hubspot Gmail Extension: In Simple 2-Steps

Hubspot Gmail Extension

In this practical tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up the Hubspot Gmail extension in simple 2 steps. From installation to configuration, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to supercharge your Gmail experience and take your productivity to the next level with Hubspot. Let’s get started!

First, understand the key benefits you get

Before we dive into the steps of setting up the Hubspot Gmail extension, let’s take a moment to understand why this tool is worth your attention. With this extension, you gain access to a range of valuable features that can enhance your email communication and streamline your workflow.

First and foremost, the Hubspot extension allows you to seamlessly sync your Gmail contacts with your Hubspot CRM. This means that all your contact information is centralized in one place, making it easy to manage and keep track of your interactions. No more switching between multiple platforms or manually updating contact details – the Hubspot Gmail extension does everything for you.

In addition to contact syncing, the Hubspot Gmail extension also enables you to track email opens. This means you’ll know exactly when someone has opened your email, allowing you to follow up at the perfect time. This valuable insight can significantly improve your response rates and help you close deals faster.

Another key benefit is that can schedule your emails. Instead of sending an email immediately, you can choose a specific date and time for it to be delivered. This feature is particularly useful when you want to ensure your message reaches your recipient at the most opportune moment. Plus, scheduling emails in advance can help you stay organized and maintain a consistent communication strategy.

With these key benefits in mind, it’s clear that the Hubspot extension can revolutionize your email communication. Now, let’s move on to the steps required to set it up.

Which things do you need to set up the HubSpot extension?

Before you can start setting up the Hubspot Gmail extension, there are a few things you’ll need:

  1. If you don’t already have a Hubspot CRM account, you’ll need to sign up for one. The Hubspot CRM is free to use and offers a range of powerful features to help you manage your contacts and sales pipeline.
  2. You’ll also need a Gmail account to connect with the Hubspot. If you don’t have one, you can easily create a new account on the Gmail website.

Once you have both a Hubspot CRM account and a Gmail account, you’re ready to move on to the installation and configuration process.

Install and set up your HubSpot Gmail extension

You can set up and install the Hubspot extension within 5 minutes, by following this step-by-step process.

Step 1: Install the Hubspot Sale extension

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and go to the “Chrome Web Store”.

2. Search for “Hubspot Sales” in the search bar. click here to jump into the Chrome web store

Hubspot Gmail extension

3. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button next to the Hubspot sales extension.

Hubspot Gmail extension

4. A pop-up window will appear, asking for confirmation to add the extension. Click “Add extension” to proceed with the installation.

Hubspot sale extension

5. Once the installation is complete, you will see the Hubspot logo in the top-right corner of your browser.

Step 2: Connect your Gmail account to the Hubspot sales extension

1. Click on the Hubspot logo in the top-right corner of your browser and log in to your Hubspot account

Hubspot sale extension

2. Open your Gmail inbox, click on the HubSpot icon right side at the top of the corner and select “Gmail”

Hubspot sale extension

3. Click on track email, Now HubSpot is ready to track your email opens, clicks and more.

 HubSpot is ready to track your email opens

4. Open your Gmail inbox and click on the HubSpot icon that is shown on the right top corner of the Gmail inbox. click on the “Turn on” button

 HubSpot is ready to track your email opens

5. Once more click on the HubSpot icon, and click on the “Update Permissions” button.

hubspot Update Permissions

6. click on the “Agree” button, and Sign in to your HubSpot account.

HubSpot account

7. HubSpot wants to access your Google Account click on the “Allow” button

HubSpot account

8. Your Gmail account should now be connected.

HubSpot connected

Step 3: Configure your Hubspot Gmail extension settings

  1. In the Hubspot Gmail extension settings, you can customize various options to suit your preferences.
  2. Explore the different tabs and settings to familiarize yourself with the available options.
  3. For example, you can choose whether to track email opens, schedule emails, or sync contacts automatically.
  4. Take some time to review the settings and make any necessary adjustments based on your specific needs.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and connected your Gmail account to the Hubspot extension. Now, let’s address some common issues you may encounter during this process.

Common troubleshooting for HubSpot Gmail extension

While setting up the Hubspot Gmail extension is typically a smooth process, you may encounter some common issues along the way. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you overcome these challenges:

1. Issue: The Hubspot extension is not showing up in my browser.

Solution: Try refreshing the page or restarting your browser. If the issue persists, ensure that the extension is properly installed by checking your browser’s extension settings.

2. Issue: I’m unable to connect my Gmail account to the Hubspot extension.

Solution: Double-check that you are entering the correct Gmail email address and password. If you receive an error message, make sure you have granted the necessary permissions to the extension.

3. Issue: The Hubspot Gmail extension is not syncing my contacts or tracking email opens.

Solution: Verify that you have enabled these features in the extension settings. If they are already enabled and not functioning as expected, try disabling and re-enabling them to refresh the connection.

If you continue to experience difficulties with the Hubspot extension, consider reaching out to Hubspot’s support team for further assistance. They will be able to provide you with personalized guidance to resolve any issues you may be facing.


In conclusion, the Hubspot Gmail extension is a powerful tool that can enhance your email communication and boost your productivity. With its seamless integration between Hubspot CRM and Gmail, you can easily manage your contacts, track email opens, and schedule emails. By following the simple steps outlined in this practical tutorial, you’ll be able to set up the Hubspot Gmail extension in no time.

Remember to take advantage of the key benefits offered by the Hubspot extension, such as contact syncing, email tracking, and email scheduling. These features can significantly improve your workflow and help you achieve better results in your sales and marketing efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? Install the Hubspot Gmail extension, connect your Gmail account, and enjoy this time-saving tool’s benefits. Your productivity will thank you!

Again if you encounter any issues, doubts or questions comment in the below section I will help you, join our community for free. If you love this post so share it with your friends.

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