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How to Send Bulk Emails without Getting Blacklisted: 11 Tips

Sending Bulk Emails without Getting Blacklisted

As a marketer, you are aware that email marketing is one of the most effective strategies that leads to high returns on investment when your email safely lands in the recipient’s inbox. But your cold bulk email gets blacklisted when you send personalisation cold emails even without personalisation emails. So in this post, I give you 11 proven tips on how to send Bulk (Cold) emails without getting blacklisted.

One thing to share with you, I am 99% sure these proven tips resolve your email getting blacklisted issue. Let us dive in!

How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

Follow the below 11 proven tips to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted and the most important part of sticking with the process.

1. Use Double Opt-in

What is the purpose of using a double opt-in strategy? The answer is straightforward – to obtain all confirmed email addresses and prevent users from flagging your emails as spam. Here is the ultimate guide: Why Double Opt-In is Vital For Building Quality Email List

When a user subscribes to your email newsletters by giving their email address, they will receive a verification link in their main inbox and the user confirm their verification by clicking on the link. After doing confirmation system adds their email to the email list.

By using these proven strategies, you can increase the chances of your emails being opened, engaged with, and safely delivered to users’ primary inboxes. This can send positive signals to spam filters and improve your email’s deliverability rate.

2. Build your own user’s email list to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

The right way to build your subscriber email list is by asking for permission to send business messages to their inbox. By sending an email campaign the spam filter gets the positive signal, and your emails land safely in the subscriber’s inboxes.

The first thing to keep in mind email marketing doesn’t have a shortcut, It is a time-consuming process for building your own user’s email list. Especially, this is a typical way to build a list, requires a lot of work to stick with and one day you will bang in email marketing.

Use these 6 effective strategies to build a quality email list that protects your email not getting blacklisted.

If you plan to purchase an email list read this before purchasing: Why are Purchased Email Lists Typically Ineffective: Good Idea?

3. Clean your email list to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

To improve email engagement, it’s important to remove inactive email addresses from your list and create a re-engagement campaign. This can lead to benefits such as increased email open rates, reduced spam, higher engagement rates, and lower bounce rates.

Here is the full guide: Why You Need to Clean Your Email List

4. Evaluate your email subject line

The subject line of your email is the first thing recipients see when they check their inboxes. A well-crafted subject line with a catchy heading can entice users to open and read the message. It’s important to ensure that your subject line has an impact.

When assessing your subject line, it’s important to analyze the number of individuals who opened your email and clicked the links included. It’s best to use clear language that accurately describes the email’s contents and entices recipients to open it. Additionally, you can determine the most effective subject lines, and utilize an A/B split testing tool to compare and contrast various options.

These AI tools test and suggest attention-grabbing email subject lines that help you improve email open rates.

5. Use the unsubscribe Button to avoid bulk emails without spamming

The unsubscribe link or button is the way for your email subscribers, who do not want to receive messages from your businesses for long periods they can easily unsubscribe from your email list.

Additionally, To maintain a positive brand reputation and a healthy email list, it’s important to have a visible unsubscribe button in the header or footer section of each email. This allows recipients to easily unsubscribe at any time.

6. Keep Transparency with Your Visitors

To decrease subscriber suspicion and ensure that your emails are not mistaken for spam, also it’s important to include a legitimate name, company name, and physical address in each email. This identifies the sender that helps build trust with your subscribers.

7. Do not send an image

The main problem is many images say so much more than words this is hard to guess by the spam filter, and also using text with images the spam filter does not read the text then your emails land in the spam folder. Don’t make this mistake.

8. Request your subscriber to take in the safelist

You need to ensure that your emails always reach your subscribers’ inboxes by instructing them to add your address to their safe list. additionally, if they did not add to the safe list, your emails may be flagged as spam or end up in the spam folder. It’s important to remind your subscribers to take this step to avoid any missed communication.

9. Run a spam test before sending

Before sending an email to your subscribers, check if the email can be marked as spam by the email provider, and use the tool to scan your email for terms or phrases that are regularly used in spam emails, or “spam causes.

Run the spam test, the tool tells you where the actual issue in your email could be marked as spam, then send your email to your subscribers after making the necessary changes.

Be sure to customize your message to your audience, use a clear, concise subject line, and stay away from terms or phrases frequently used in spam.

By doing this, you will be sure that your email safely lands in subscribers’ inboxes.

10. Use a reliable email marketing tool to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

This is a Big question sending bulk emails without getting blacklisted? There is only one solution to handle your email campaign easily without going to blacklist when you use the best email marketing software. Additionally, they provide several benefits and assist you in making the entire email marketing journey more effective. From building a strong email list, automation, spam testing, unsubscribing, and much more.

Top 3 email marketing tools, You can join any one of the below.

11. Technical Consideration for sending bulk emails without getting blacklisted

Make sure emails are sent to subscribers’ inboxes and are not flagged spam consider some technical factors when sending bulk emails. Beloved are some of the most important factors you will know.

Email Authentication

To ensure that you receive emails from trusted sources and not from spammers, email authentication is crucial. Especially, there are three primary methods of email authentication: SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These methods verify the authenticity of an email and confirm that it is indeed from the intended sender or business.

1. Sender Policy Framework

SPF enables domain owners to specify which IP addresses are authorized to send emails on their behalf. Recipients can verify that emails originate from the specified domain by checking their SPF records.

2. Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)

The email header contains a digital signature that can only be accessed by the domain owner. This signature is created using a private key and helps confirm to recipients that the email was sent by a trusted source and not tampered with during transmission.

3. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)

By implementing the DMARC policy, domain owners can dictate how email providers handle emails that fail the SPF or DKIM checks. Adhering to DMARC rules can prevent the inbox from receiving fraudulent emails.


In conclusion, Improve your email safe landing, it’s important to follow these 11 tips on how to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted. By following these standard procedures you can achieve 99% effective results. Additionally, If you have any doubts or questions comment in the below section, and I will answer you. However, don’t forget to share this post with your friends or your audience when you like this post.

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