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How to Build Email List: 6 Winning Strategies

how to build email list

You also know the power of email marketing to generate thousands of dollars in a couple of hours. firstly the main base of the foundation of email marketing is a strong email list. I explore how to build an email list with six winning strategies and why need marketing software for email list building.

I will give you the answers to your questions based on deep research and years of experience. Learn these strategies to bang in email marketing to achieve high ROI, even if you are a beginner or seasoned marketer. So let’s start now.

Quick Overview…..

What is an email list?

An email list is a set of email addresses that may be used to send promotional or informative messages.

What is email list building? 

It is the process of collecting emails from those who visit your website and wish to subscribe to your list by entering their details like email and name.

Why do you build an email list?

By using subscriber emails, you can send updates or information to a set of people who have chosen to receive it. Also, they help you to remain in touch with the audience.

How To Build an Email List?

Before we go in deep you know the best strategies for building your own email list that converts your website users into subscribers. Here we cover two main strategies that have excellent results.

So I used a lead magnet strategy because has incredibly effective results in attracting a good quantity of visitors. Also, 52% of email marketers enjoyed higher conversion rates when they used lead magnets. Additionally, the email list is the main footstep in building a strong online presence and helps to boost your business to the next height. This is a simple process of collecting emails from audiences who agree to receive business emails from you by subscribing to your email list. So I will share with you the top 2 effective ways to build a strong email list from the website. 

  • Lead magnet using Landing Page
  • Lead magnet using Pop-Up

These strategies help you to build a high-quality mailing list from scratch, and they will result in more powerful conversion rates you will make high revenue by sending email campaigns.

Why do we need email marketing software for email list building?

Email marketing software is the heart of email marketers because they do the hard task of collecting and managing their email list even if you are slipping. Especially since they continuously add email addresses to your email list by doing automated processes when they subscribe to your newsletters. 

Additionally, You easily handle big email lists and can categorize them based on their interest or references by using marketing software. I recommended the top 3 tools based on, Features, popularity, customer reviews, and my experience.   

Here is the tool that best fits your business: 7+ free email marketing tools

Build Email List Using 6 Website Strategy

1. Build an Email List using a Landing Page

Now it is time to learn the first method to build your email list from scratch.

How to build email list

When an audience visits your website, you have the chance to grab their attention to give them something of value in the exchange form of their email address. This happens when you provide free downloads of things like E-books, videos, case studies, webinars, online courses, templates, apps and checklists. Also, they can download the files after filling out a form with their email addresses and you get their email address. These are effective techniques for building your email list.

Additionally, according to the research, landing page conversion rates typically range from 15% to 25%. You may also increase up to 40% or more by, creating more valuable things and put in the landing page.

Using Pop-up form

Now we cover the last strategy but that has mainly five types let’s introduce one by one how it works.

2. Use Entry Pop-Up

How to build email list

This kind of pop-up appears immediately when visitors land on your website. This works well because it draws the visitor’s attention and offers a clear call to action. Also, get the best possible outcome to provide the visitor with something of value.

3. Use Exit-intent pop-up

How to build email list

When someone visits your website and is ready to leave, the exit-intent pop-up will appear in front of visitors. They help catch the viewer’s eye and encourage them to stay on the website, take advantage of special deals, or subscribe to newsletters.

This pop-up is more effective, they are less instructive than other pop-ups. this can be used by offering something valuable, discounts, e-books, and resources to encourage the visitor to sign up. This strategy is used to build a strong email list easily.

4. Use Scroll pop-up

Scroll pop-up

This pop-up is more successful since it is less intrusive than other pop-ups When visitors scroll down the page to show interest in your content. It is vital to apply the pop-up scroll technique and keep in mind that you give valuable things to your audience. Also if you use it to boost your offers’ exposure. This allows your audience to feel free to take action without being bothered by the scrolling pop-up.

5. Use Timed pop-up

Timed pop-up

The time pop-up comes after a specific amount of time, such as 10 or 30 seconds. This is more effective since it asks readers to swap their emails after a brief pop-up, 10-30 seconds, or after they finish reading your post. Use timed pop-up strategies and make sure the offer is useful and relevant to your post.

Additionally, be sure you explain the deal in brief, understandable terms so that visitors can quickly understand it. Use eye-catching designs to attract more visitors to sign up with their emails.

6. Use Click pop-up

 Click pop-up

When a visitor clicks on a button or links on your website, a click pop-up appears. This raises the chance that they will be engaged with your pop-up. Still vital that you use this pop-up effectively and make sure the offer is related and helpful to your audience.


They store each contact address in your database folder by doing automated processes with marketing software. Additionally, we recommend the best marketing tools based on their features, popularity, user ratings, and my research to help manage your email list easily.

Furthermore, the conversion rates of landing pages run from 15% to 25% and can be expanded up to 40% by providing more free resources and Valuable Things offer free downloads in exchange for their email addresses.

Each pop-up is helpful and, pick the one that best suits your goals and target audience. No matter what type of pop-up you use in the above six. The main importance is to provide an effective deal and use simple, clear language to convince visitors to sign up for the email list.

Again if you have any doubts or questions? let me know in the comments below. I will try my best to answer all of them.

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